Due to the overwhelming amount of choices available in e-commerce today, traditional online search methods are becoming increasingly inefficient for consumers who are unsure of what they’re looking for – especially when shopping in highly visual categories, whether it’s finding the perfect taco, or just the right couch to complete your living room.

The Solution? A new visual approach to shopping designed to help consumers better figure out what they want to buy. Ask Sydney™ allows consumers to steer the search and cut through the noise with a critique-based recommendation system that relies on user preferences and responses to sequential images….ultimately matching users to the most relevant real-time recommendations so they can shop confidently and be satisfied with their purchases!

A personalized approach to online shopping that puts customers in control, allowing them to contribute new data by making simple choices, and continuing or stopping that process on their own terms.

Ask Sydney™ technology provides a constant, transparent connection with your consumer base through explicit preference/behavior data, generated by each and every search. Drive more sales in categories that rely on personal taste, using information that consumers offer willingly in exchange for more targeted and highly tailored product recommendations!

Optimize your business while achieving a truly personalized e-commerce experience for each individual consumer!



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